Saloma Acres

Come Be in Community

What is Saloma Acres?

Saloma Acres (est 2021) is a Black-owned play space based in the Midlands of South Carolina. 

Anchored by equestrian and outdoor cultural activities including films, Saloma Acres provides select opportunities for folks to unwind, connect, play, and be in communion and community with the natural world.

Ways to Play at Saloma Acres

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    Explore the Trails
    We have hand-cut trails through the heart of Saloma Acres, and Stokely's Run, a half-mile track that goes around the paddocks and riding areas on the North side of the property.
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    Learn Something New
    Who says learning has to stop when we become adults and enter the "real world"? Come have a Horse Experience with our herd—perfect for folks who have never been close to a horse before, you can feed, groom, love-up on our horses and ride only if you feel comfortable—or sign up for a one-time Saloma Ride or on-going horseback riding lessons.
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    Watch Black Films Outside
    Led by Curtis Caesar John, founder and Executive Director of Luminal Theater, our outdoor media offerings include a curated film series of Black films. Bring your own chairs or blankets, snacks, etc and watch films under the stars.
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    Have a Picnic
    Across the 22-acre property we have picnic tables perfect for lunch, lounging, and rest. Bring some snacks and friends and take in nature around you.