Saloma Acres Cultural Partnership

The South continues to be under-recognized as a site of transformation for many facets of American history, art, and culture. We aim to shift the dependence on creative spaces rooted in established cultural centers by supporting artists and cultural workers in a suburban or small-town Southern community. The Cultural Partnership Program at Saloma Acres, seeks to position these places as potential and fertile ground for expanding cultural and creative expression and community-building.

We are delighted to invite applications to be a cultural partner with Saloma Acres! 

Activities can take place during our season, between April and November 2023. 

The application: 

Design outdoor free and/or low-cost community-centered activities for Black adults (we will of course advertise it to the public!). This could be a writing workshop, performance, yoga class, fire-pit story circle, nature drawing walk—the options are almost endless! 

Equine activities cannot be part of your proposal, but please keep in mind that Saloma Acres is both a cultural and equestrian playspace. 

We have on-site AV and projection capabilities with thanks to Luminal Theater.