Saloma Acres Map (as of May 2022)

SALOMA ACRES is a 22 acre active farm. As such, we are interested in keeping as much of it as natural as possible. Please note that means that there are many known and unknown critters—bugs, birds, bunnies, lizards, moles, deer, etc—who pass through or make Saloma their home. 

Meet Our Saloma Crew


Resident trouble maker. Freedom-seeker. 1-year old palomino quarter horse.


She likes ear scratches, trail rides, and as resident gymnast turning cartwheels in the paddock. 7-year-old Swedish Warmblood.

Janie Mae

Princess snacker. Loves to cuddle and needs to know everything that goes on around Saloma. 3-year-old AQHA quarter horse.


Mister quiet storm. Protector of Miss Jackson & Ti-Jeanne. Loves to trail ride and chomp on hay. 15-year-old dun quarter horse.

Miss Jackson

Saloma songstress. Breakfast-stealer. Our first Diva


Sweet but shy. Keeps Miss Jackson informed of all the news on the south side of Saloma Acres.


Former 1D barrel racer, now spends her days trying to teach Janie manners and how to be a grown-up horse; likes obstacles, patterns and repetition, but needs to be on her terms. A human snuggle bug. 9-year-old AQHA quarter horse. 


Shadrack likes it his way. Can be convinced with muffins or mares to try it your way. Believes he is the true owner of Saloma Acres. 14-year-old quarter horse. 


Cornbread’s Mama (for real!). Super laid back trail horse extraordinaire. Decided that chasing cows was NO fun, so came to Saloma to chase feed buckets. 14-year-old quarter horse.


Cassanova. Lover not a fighter. Fast, but prefers to see life in slow-motion. Favorite uncle to Cornbread. 14-year-old AQHA quarter horse.


Always ready to ride out or snack on hay. Saloma mother-hen. Loves being groomed, especially butt scratches! 17-year-old draft horse.

Riley Biscuit

Saloma greeter. Loves belly-pats and long walks through the trails. Farm dog in training.

A Few Notes During Your Visit

  • PLEASE TAKE LOTS OF PHOTOS! and share them on social. You can tag us at @saloma.acres on Instagram or @playsalomaacres on Facebook. Use the hashtag #playatsaloma.
  • PLEASE DO NOT FEED THE HORSES! Unless you are with a Saloma team member and they have provided you with the treat or food item.
  • Each paddock is charged with an electric current to keep our horses inside their designated areas. Please exercise caution when approaching horses and keep yourself away from the wire fencing. 
  • Saloma Acres is a private farm in a residential neighborhood, please be courteous to our neighbors!
  • Farms have lots of flammable items; absolutely no smoking on any part of the farm. 
  • We love it when folks clean up after themselves :). There is a trash can next to the carport of the farmhouse.